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The HORIBA Group (here in after HORIBA) is leading a global business that offers solutions and engineering services, based on our strong performance in developing and manufacturing instruments and products in the analysis and measurement fields. With “Explore the Future” as its brand message, HORIBA has expanded its business to 29 countries and regions.
For over 70 years since our establishment, we have been committed to developing cutting-edge analysis and measurement technologies. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with optimal solutions to their challenges while contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.
At HORIBA, we have expanded our business into three megatrend fields that are critical to human life: "Energy & Environment," "Bio & Healthcare," and " Materials & Semiconductor."
Our analysis and measurement systems are employed in various fields, including the development process of new energy sources and energy supply chains, including hydrogen and carbon dioxide capture, CCUS, quality control and research and development in pharmaceuticals, as well as the advancement of semiconductor manufacturing processes.


●Corporate Motto

HORIBA’s corporate motto is “Omoshiro-Okashiku” - Joy and Fun. Possessing pride and a spirit of challenge in the work to which the most dynamic period of our lives is devoted, and tackling it with excitement, makes for a more satisfying life. We have incorporated the desire to spend our days with more Joy and Fun into our company precept, in the spirit that has been handed down since the company was founded. The source of our growth is that the approximately 8,700 HORIBARIANs around the globe (so named because we consider the employees of the HORIBA group as the same family) well understand the philosophy of the company’s “Omoshiro-Okashiku” - Joy and Fun precept and put it into practice on a daily basis.
We intend to continue creating our own values by the various businesses and the unique corporate culture.

●Our Future (Vision, Mission, Values)

The HORIBA Group, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2023, is carrying on the spirit set forth in its Corporate Identity and Code of Conduct. In preparation for the HORIBA Group’s 100th anniversary, we held numerous discussions on our path forward, including about the kind of company that we want to become and what sort of human capital the HORIBARIANs (a nickname for all people working at HORIBA) who work in the Group should be. We have set forth our answers to these questions in the form of “Our Future,” outlining the vision, mission and values shared by the entire HORIBA Group.

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