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At World Resources Company, we believe that scientific innovation is the key to transforming industrial waste into valuable resources. Our mission is to drive sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of mining and raw material extraction through advanced metal recycling solutions.

Founded in 1976, WRC has become a globally recognized leader in resource recovery. We operate state-of-the-art facilities strategically positioned throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia. This extensive network allows us to serve a diverse range of clients, from high-tech industries to traditional manufacturing sectors, all seeking to enhance their environmental sustainability practices.

WRC's expertise lies in extracting a wide range of valuable metals, including precious metals and non-ferrous metals, from wastewater treatment sludges and associated recyclable materials. Our role in the recycling chain contributes to overall carbon emission reductions of 90% or more when compared to traditional mining and metal extraction processes. Independent studies consistently demonstrate the significant environmental benefits of recycling.

For instance, analyses that consider the entire environmental impact reveal that producing an aluminum ingot from recycled materials reduces emissions by 92.8%. The impact is even more pronounced with zinc recycling, where the production of zinc ingots from recycled materials achieves a remarkable 99.5% reduction in carbon emissions. These figures highlight the significant power of recycling and support expectations for similar positive impacts across other non-ferrous metals.

WRC is proud to be at the forefront of addressing climate change, providing effective carbon emissions management solutions to companies committed to carbon neutrality goals. This is particularly important in light of emerging carbon taxation policies that are incentivizing businesses to reduce their environmental footprint.

We are proud to be a carbon-neutral company. We actively work to reduce the carbon footprint within the global critical metals supply chain, including a strong focus on logistics optimization. We uphold the highest ethical standards in our sourcing practices. This includes a rigorous commitment to ensuring that the metals we recover are sourced responsibly and do not contribute to the conflict minerals trade. We believe in a transparent and ethical supply chain, and we take all necessary steps to verify the origin of our materials.

Our company's environmental policy, established at our inception, forms the foundation of our uncompromising dedication to achieving and maintaining the highest environmental standards. WRC's commitment to environmental stewardship is a core value, leading us to continuously explore and implement new ways to enhance our recycling methods and minimize industrial waste.

We invite you to learn more about how WRC's innovative solutions can support your company's sustainability goals. Visit our site at or our European site at for detailed information on our services and our commitment to a more sustainable future.

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